Signs of the Coming End of Times

With so much trials and tribulations in the world today (one of the prophecy), it's about time in Arabia that someone from the descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will appear, who's name will resemble the Prophet's name. This man will be called Mahdi, the rightly guided one. He will be the Khalifah (leader) of Muslims. But before we go into the minor and major signs here are the two important prophecies that one should be aware about.

The Prophecy of Baidah (a town in Saudi Arabia)

An authentic narration suggests that the name of Imam Mahdi's father will be same as name of Prophet Muhammad's father (i.e. Abdullah). After the death of a leader there will be intense dispute as to who should be the next leader. Fearing he may get caught up in the dispute and made the Khalifah, Mahdi will flee from Madinah to Mecca. However, to his surprise on reaching Mecca, some of his followers will find him out and will ask Mahdi to take pledge (at the Kaaba) and as a result of this Mahdi will become the Khalifah, the Imam of the Muslims. Hearing this an army will march from Syria to kill him. Perhaps ISIS? However they will not be successful and they will be engulfed by earth (Bukhari 34/71). This place where the army will perish is called Baidah; which is a land between Mecca and Madinah today.

The Prophecy of Dabiq (a town in Syria, 40 kms northeast of Aleppo)

In another narration, The Prophet (pbuh) said, the Last Hour would not come until the Romans would land at al-A'maq or in Dabiq. Dabiq is a town in northern Syria, northeast of Aleppo. An army consisting of the best (soldiers) of the people of the earth at that time (Imam Mahdi's army, see para above) will come from Madinah to counteract the Romans. A war will take place and the Muslims will be victorious. It is here when the announcement of the coming of AntiChrist (Dajjal) is heard. Then Imam Mahdi's army will march from Dabiq towards Damascus where Prophet Jesus (pbuh) descends and the rest of the major signs before the Last Day will unfold.

Some Prophecies of Minor Signs before Major Signs appear 

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
The Hour (last day) will not be established until knowledge will be taken away, earthquakes will be very frequent, time will pass quickly, afflictions will appear, murders will increase, money will overflow amongst you." ~ Bukhari 1036

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
The Last Hour would not come unless you fight with people whose faces are like hammered shields." ~ Muslim 2912 

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
When the shepherds compete in constructing tall buildings, that is one of the signs (of the last hour)" ~ Ibn Majah 1/67

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
A time would come when the murderer would not know why he has committed the murder, and the victim would not know why he has been killed." ~ Muslim 54/69

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
A time will come when one will not care how one gains one's money, legally or illegally." ~ Bukhari 34.13

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
One of the signs of the Hour (last day) will be that people will show-off in building Masjids. ~ Nasai 689

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
Some people will dye their hair black, like the breasts of pigeons, at the end of time. They will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise. ~ Abu Dawud 35/54

The Prophet (pbuh) said,
In the end of time there will be people young in years, foolish in minds, reciting the Qur'an which will not go beyond their throats, uttering sayings from the best of creatures..." ~ Tirmidhi 33/2347

Does this Hadith relate to ISIS? Here's an interesting write-up published by Huffington Post on "Did Prophet Muhammad Warn us of ISIS?"

The video below provides more details on the minor and major signs before the day of resurrection, which is not covered above. Some more here.

According to some scholars the coming of Imam Mahdi would be "the last of the minor sign" before the major signs appear. Whereas according to some, Imam Mahdi will be the first of the 10 major signs before all mankind are swooned away for the Judgment Day. Once the chain of major signs starts (either appearance of Imam Mahdi or #Dajjal) the rest of the 9 events will happen in succession. Thereafter the world is destroyed by Allah and the entire mankind will be resurrected!


(not necessary in the order, except first four ... there are various narrations that get to this)

1. Imam Mahdi appears, becomes the Khalifah and fills the land with justice, for people of all faith. He will put end to several atrocities/killing happening today. Peace will prevail for a while. More on the prophecy of Khalifah here.

2. The coming of #Dajjal, the AntiChrist. The one-eyed liar. His tyranny will be unmatched and incomparable with respect to any tyrant who has lived in this world so far. He will stay on this earth for 40 days. The first day will be like a year, the second day will be like a month, and the third day will be like a week. Rest of the other days will be like a normal day. Every Prophet/Messenger who came on his earth (124,000) has warned their people/nation against Dajjal. More on AntiChrist (Dajjal) story here.

3. Descent of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), in Damascus (the second coming) ... Dajjal, the invincible, will be killed by Jesus, the son of Mary.

4. Appearance of Yajuj & Majuj tribe, as described in The Quran. The biblical name for them is Gog & Magog. When they are let loose, they create havoc in the whole world and no one can withstand their might. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will supplicate to Allah and this tribe will then perish. Quran 21:96-97 & Quran 18:92-99

5. Appearance of The Beast, who will talk to people. The Quran says "And when the Word (of torment) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to them, which will speak to them because mankind believed not with certainty in Our Ayat (verses of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad)." ~ Quran 27:82. Check the web for the mark of the beast

6. Sun rises from the west. Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said, "The hour will not be established till the sun rises from the West; and when it rises (from the West) and the people see it, they all will believe. And that is (the time) when no good will it do to a soul to believe then." ~  Bukhari 65.4636. Click here to read the inanimate animate as described in Islam.

7. There will be 3 major earthquakes. One in the east, one in the west and one in Arabia.

8. Kaaba (in Mecca) will be destroyed.

9. Great fire will start from (the direction of) Yemen, and will drive people to a gathering place.

10. The Smoke. Quran 44:10-13
Before we close, here's a word of wisdom from The Quran
Whoever comes (on the day of judgment) with a good deed will have ten times the like thereof (to his credit), and whoever comes with an evil deed will not be recompensed except the like thereof; and they will not be wronged." ~ Quran 6:160

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